Lyrics: PnB Rock – No Kizzy

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Oh yeah

[Verse 1]
I can’t lie, bitch I’m lit
Skeletons in my closet, I put a skeleton on my wrist
Bust down carti, straight from (?) I got that drip
Diamonds for my daughters, I put that AP on my bitch
Came from the trenches yeah, where it’s hard to make it out that bitch
I know they envy yeah, so I gotta ride around wit’ that stick
I took the top of the brains out, five star GTA style
You pose to be my family, you actin’ just like a fan now
Whole gang full of steppers, we stump you out of designer
Double G’s kickin’ you and all yo’ shit, Double C, Double C, Louis V, Prada

You don’t want no smoke (smoke), we get high as the moon (moon)
Baby let’s takе a trip (trip), we can go to tulum (tulum)
Cause’ evеry day I wake up on this earth I wanna ball (wanna ball)
The sky is the limit, I’m sure I can have it all (have it all)
I remember days and yeah I had to shop at Ross (shop at Ross)
Now I hit Rodeo and spend racks up wit’ my dawgs

[Post Chorus]
No kizzy, no kizzy (no kizzy)
I ride around wit’ that glizzy (wit’ that glizzy)
All of my hoes they get litty (they get litty)
We gettin’ turnt up the city (yeah!)
All of these hunnids and fifties (hunnids, yeah!)
All of my ice yeah it’s glistening (glistening, yeah!)
No kizzy, no kizzy (no kizzy)

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