MP3: Bella Poarch & Grimes – No Man’s Land

MP3: Bella Poarch & Grimes - No Man’s Land

Bella Poarch & Grimes – No Man’s Land  Free MP3 download

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Two years ago, Bella Poarch, a young Naval veteran who was born in the Philippines living in Hawaii, posted a TikTok video of herself making faces while listening to a Blackpool grime track, and that video somehow became the most-watched TikTok of all time.

Since then, Poach has been making a real stab at pop stardom. Last year, she released her debut single “Build A Bitch,” a genuine hit that charted and went platinum and everything. Today, Poarch has released her second proper single, and it’s got a video where Poarch and Grimes get into a super-powered sci-fi fight scene. 2022, baby!

Poarch’s Billie Eilish-ish new song is called “Dolls,” and she recorded it with Sub Urban, the New Jersey producer who also worked on “Build A Bitch.” Grimes didn’t have anything to do with the song, but she’s key to the video.

Director Andrew Donoho‘s “Dolls” clip is full of cameos from YouTube and social media personalities who are extremely famous to anyone under 20 and probably completely foreign to anyone who’s older than that. They include Bretman Rock, Dream, Valkyrae, Chloe Cherry, Ludwig, and Madison Beer. It’s got a storyline about Poarch, playing a one-armed robot, leading some kind of AI revolution.

The clip ends when Poarch tries to attack the boss figure, played by masked Minecraft streamer Dream. (I know this because I have kids.) Dream’s bodyguard is a glowing-eyed Grimes, who gets into a fairly well-choreographed fight scene with Poarch.

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There’s probably heavy stunt-performer involvement in this one, but the two performers had to do at least some of the John Wick stuff themselves. (In her Instagram Stories earlier this week Grimes wrote, “Hahahaha we had to train hard for this def tune in cuz we went full marvel.”) If you want, we could turn this comments section into a discussion about Grimes’ place within the world of baby influencers. Or you could just watch the video below. Up to you!

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